Get Your Army Ready for Battle with Games Workshop Citadel Base Paint: Wrai

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Are you a Warhammer fan looking for the perfect paint to give your space marine army a solid basecoat? Look no further than Games Workshop Citadel Base Paint: Wraithbone! As a seasoned Warhammer gamer, I was excited to test out this paint and see how it stacked up against other basecoats out there.

First off, the high pigment count definitely lived up to the hype. This paint went on smooth and covered well without any patchiness or blotchiness. The finish was a beautiful, velvety matte that really made my miniatures pop. Plus, the 12ml pot size was perfect for my needs, giving me enough paint to use for multiple projects without breaking the bank.

One thing to note is that this particular shade of Wraithbone is ideal for armies that have a lighter color scheme. If you’re looking to paint Nurgle or Tzeentch miniatures, for example, you might want to opt for a different basecoat to better suit those color palettes. But for armies like Dark Angels, Eldar, or even Khorne, this Wraithbone paint is an excellent choice.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Games Workshop Citadel Base Paint: Wraithbone to any Warhammer fan looking for a high-quality basecoat paint. It’s easy to work with, goes on smoothly, and gives a great finish that really makes your miniatures stand out. Get ready for battle in style with Wraithbone!

- High pigment count for smooth, even coverage
- Velvety matte finish that makes miniatures pop
- 12ml pot size is perfect for multiple projects

- Shade may not suit darker color palettes

Bottom Line:
Games Workshop Citadel Base Paint: Wraithbone (12ml) is a great choice for Warhammer fans looking for a high-quality basecoat paint. With its smooth coverage and beautiful matte finish, your miniatures will be ready for battle in no time. 8/10

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