Guardian Angels: Protect and Serve the Aeldari Way - A Review of 2022 Guard

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If you're looking for a versatile and cost-effective way to build your Aeldari army, the 2022 Guardians Squad is a great place to start. This multi-part, multi-option kit contains 11 plastic Citadel Miniatures that can be built as either Guardians or Storm Guardians, with access to a variety of special weapons to suit your tactical needs.

As someone who's spent countless hours playing Warhammer 40K, I can tell you that having a strong core of infantry is essential to any successful army. The Guardians Squad provides just that, with a mix of ranged and close combat units that can hold their own against most opponents. Plus, the multi-option kit means you can customize your units to fit your playstyle, making them a great fit for both beginners and experienced players.

But it's not just about the stats - the aesthetic of the Aeldari army is one of the most striking in the Warhammer universe. The sleek, futuristic design of the Guardians Squad is a testament to the Eldar's advanced technology and ancient culture. Whether you're looking for a challenge to paint or just want to show off your collection, the Guardians Squad is sure to turn heads.

- Versatile and customizable infantry units
- Access to a variety of special weapons
- Aesthetically pleasing design that fits with the Eldar lore

- Some assembly required, which may be difficult for beginners or those without experience building miniatures

Overall, the 2022 Guardians Squad Aeldari Eldar Warhammer 40K is a great addition to any Aeldari army. With its versatile options and striking design, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment and tactical challenge. As Trazyn the Infinite would say, "All knowledge is worth having," and the knowledge of adding the Guardians Squad to your army is certainly worth having.

Bottom Line: 8.5/10 - The Guardians Squad is a versatile and visually stunning addition to any Aeldari army. While assembly may be a challenge for some, the overall value and potential for customization make it a worthwhile purchase.

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