The Heavy Intercessors Are Here To Save Your Day!

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If you're a Warhammer 40k fan, you know that the Space Marines are a force to be reckoned with. And with the new Heavy Intercessors from Games Workshop, you've got even more firepower on your side. These 12-year-old warriors are a welcome addition to any army, thanks to their beefed-up armor and massive ranged weapons.

The Heavy Intercessors are perfect for players who want to focus on long-range combat. With their bolt rifles and heavy bolt rifles, they can take down enemy units from a safe distance. And thanks to their Gravis armor, they're tough enough to withstand even the toughest attacks.

But that's not all these miniatures have to offer. They also come with a range of customization options, including different heads, shoulder pads, and weapons. This means you can create a unique unit that fits your playstyle perfectly.

- Beefed-up armor for increased defense
- Heavy weapons for long-range combat
- Customization options for a personalized army

- Unpainted and unassembled, requiring additional work and cost

Overall, the Heavy Intercessors are a great addition to any Warhammer 40k army. They're perfect for players who love ranged combat and want a tough, durable unit on their side. And with the ability to customize them to your liking, you can create a truly unique force. So whether you're a fan of Warhammer 40k Battlesector, Total War Warhammer 40k, or any other game in the franchise, these miniatures are definitely worth considering.

Bottom Line: The Heavy Intercessors are a great addition to any Warhammer 40k army, offering increased defense and long-range combat options. Despite requiring additional work and cost to paint and assemble, they're a welcome addition to any player's collection. Rating: 9/10.

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