The Force is Strong with This One: A Review of the Star Wars Lego Set 75045

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Hey there, fellow gamers and Star Wars fans! Meet Henry, your resident expert when it comes to all things Warhammer. Today, we're going to talk about a classic that has stood the test of time - the Star Wars Lego Set 75045: Republic AV-7 Anti-vehicle Cannon. This set is perfect for those who love Star Wars and Lego, making it a great gift for both kids and adults alike.

One of the things that make this set stand out is its intricacy. With 434 pieces, this set can be challenging to build, but it's worth it in the end. It's also an excellent addition to any Star Wars Lego collection, especially for those who are into the Clone Wars era. Plus, the Anti-vehicle Cannon itself is impressive, with its realistic design and movable parts.

Another great feature of this set is the included mini-figures - Clone Trooper Gunner, Clone Trooper, and Jedi Knight. These mini-figures are well-designed, and they look great alongside the Anti-vehicle Cannon. You can recreate epic battles from the Clone Wars or come up with your own scenarios.

Now, let's talk about the pro-con list:

- Intricate design
- Great addition to any Star Wars Lego collection
- Includes three detailed mini-figures
- Can be used for both play and display

- The price is on the higher side
- Some pieces can be challenging to attach

In conclusion, the Star Wars Lego Set 75045: Republic AV-7 Anti-vehicle Cannon is a must-have for any Star Wars fan or Lego enthusiast. It's an excellent addition to any collection and provides hours of fun, whether you're building or playing with it. The only downside is the higher price point and some challenging pieces to attach, but these are minor issues that don't take away from the overall experience. So, may the Force be with you - and get this set!

Bottom Line: 8.5/10

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