Revolutionize Your Flight Stands with LITKO's Clear HD Stand Kit Compatible

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Are you tired of boring, plain flight stands that detract from your epic miniatures battles? Look no further than LITKO's 100mm Circular HD Flight Stand Kit Compatible with SW: Legion, 1.5mm Clear! This laser-cut clear HD flight stand kit is the perfect upgrade for your flight stands, featuring clear, see-through plastic that provides a sleek, modern look to your miniature gaming.

One of the most useful features of this kit is the front and rear notches on each base, which are designed to match the size and shape of the official bases. They also feature four divots along the edge with a center peg to show the various fire arcs and lines of sight for the mounted models, making gameplay easier and more intuitive. Plus, the kit includes three different sizes of peg to fit all your models, from hover vehicles to high flying vehicles.

Who would benefit from this kit? Any miniature gaming enthusiast who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level. This kit is perfect for those who want their flight stands to be as invisible as possible, as the 1.5mm bases are super thin and barely noticeable.

One minor con of this kit is that it does require some modeling skill and glue to mount your miniatures. However, we recommend LITKO's Craftics #33 cement for all their acrylic parts, which will make the process smoother and easier.

In conclusion, LITKO's 100mm Circular HD Flight Stand Kit Compatible with SW: Legion, 1.5mm Clear is a must-have for any miniature gaming enthusiast looking for a sleek, modern upgrade for their flight stands. With its clear, see-through plastic and intuitive design, this kit is sure to revolutionize your gaming experience. And at only $9.99, it's an affordable and worthwhile investment. So why wait? Upgrade your flight stands today and take your gaming experience to new heights!

Bottom line: Recommended for miniature gaming enthusiasts who want to upgrade their flight stands with a sleek, modern look. Rating: 8/10.

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