The Marauder Commando Starter: A Fierce Addition to Your Orc Army

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Are you looking to add more depth and fearlessness to your orc army? Look no further than the Mantic Games Deadzone Marauder Commando Starter (MGDZO103). This starter kit comes with ten plastic Marauder Commandos, one resin Commando Captain, and two resin Mawbeast Bombers. The kit also includes 13 25mm round bases. These models are unassembled and unpainted, but with a little super glue and warm, soapy water, you'll have a ferocious squad ready for battle.

The Marauder Commandos are the perfect frontline troops for any orc army. These warriors are versatile, fearless, and ready to fight. Trained by veterans of the Mandrake rebellion against the GCPS, they may not have the same equipment as modern GCPS Marines, but their will to win is unmatched. The Commando Captain is a resin model that adds even more leadership to your squad, while the Mawbeast Bombers are resin models that bring explosive power to your army.

This starter kit is perfect for anyone looking to add more depth and fearlessness to their orc army. Whether you're a seasoned Warhammer veteran or a newcomer to the hobby, the Marauder Commando Starter is a fun and exciting addition to any collection. The models are detailed and well-crafted, with lots of opportunities for customization and painting.

- Versatile and fearless frontline troops
- Resin models add depth and leadership to your squad
- Detailed and well-crafted models offer lots of customization options

- Models require assembly and painting
- Some may find the price to be a bit high

In conclusion, the Mantic Games Deadzone Marauder Commando Starter (MGDZO103) is a great addition to any orc army. With versatile and fearless frontline troops, resin models that add depth and leadership, and detailed models that offer lots of customization options, this starter kit is sure to bring excitement to your collection. While the models do require assembly and painting, the end result is worth the effort. Overall, I give this kit an 8/10.

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