Henry's Warhammer Insider Scoop: White Dwarf 476 Magazine

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Are you ready to dive deep into the world of Warhammer? Look no further than Games Workshop's Warhammer White Dwarf 476 Magazine. This premium publication is packed with insider knowledge, new rules, background stories, and more. As a die-hard Warhammer fan myself, I was excited to get my hands on this latest issue.

First of all, let's talk about the visuals. The painting advice and beautifully painted miniatures are eye candy for any Warhammer enthusiast. In this issue, there's even a bizarre question about black paint. Who knew black could be so interesting?

For those interested in the lore and symbolism of Warhammer, Phil Kelly is back to talk about iconography, symbols, sigils, insignia, runes, icons, mandalas, and other devices. It's a fascinating read for those looking to expand their knowledge of the Warhammer universe.

The Inside The Studio section gives readers a peek into the models painted, games played, and rooms escaped from over the last month. It's an interesting look into the daily work of the Games Workshop team.

And let's not forget the bonus fighter cards for Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine warbands in Warcry, complete with in-game abilities. These additions make the magazine even more valuable for gamers.

- Beautifully painted miniatures and painting advice
- In-depth analysis of Warhammer symbolism and lore
- Bonus fighter cards for Warcry add value to the magazine

- The price point may be too high for some readers

Overall, I highly recommend Games Workshop's Warhammer White Dwarf 476 Magazine to any Warhammer fan or gamer looking to expand their knowledge of the franchise. It's packed with interesting content and bonus features that make it worth the investment.

Bottom Line: If you're a Warhammer fan looking for insider knowledge and bonus features, White Dwarf 476 Magazine is a must-read. 9/10 stars.

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