LITKO Dungeon Health Dials: A Must-Have for Your Next Dungeon Crawl!

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Are you tired of keeping track of your hero’s health with a pencil and paper? Look no further! LITKO Dungeon Health Dials are the solution to your problem! These translucent grey and fluorescent pink dials are perfect for tracking the health of any hero or monster, from Valkia the Bloody to Trazyn the Infinite.

Not only are they practical, but they’re also stylish! The translucent grey and fluorescent pink make them stand out on your game table, catching the eye of any fellow Warhammer 40k Mechanicus or Gaunt's Ghosts player. Plus, the laser cut and etched acrylic make them durable and long-lasting.

If you're a fan of Warhammer 2, Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor Martyr, or even Warhammer Dawn of War 2, these dials are a must-have. They're also great for keeping track of health in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons.

- Stylish and practical
- Durable and long-lasting
- Perfect for Warhammer 40k games or tabletop RPGs
- Laser cut and etched for precision

- Some may not like the fluorescent pink color
- Only goes up to 15 health points, not suitable for larger creatures

In conclusion, LITKO Dungeon Health Dials are a great addition to any gamer's collection. They're stylish, practical, and durable. Though they may not be suitable for larger creatures, they're perfect for keeping track of hero and monster health in Warhammer 40k games or tabletop RPGs. So, grab your LITKO Dungeon Health Dials today and start your next dungeon crawl with ease!

Bottom Line: 8/10

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