The Emperor's Elite: A Review of Atomic Mass Games Star Wars Legion Imperia

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Hey gamers, it's your boy Henry, and today we're talking about the Imperial Royal Guards Expansion for Star Wars Legion. These blood-red-masked enforcers are the Emperor's elite bodyguards, and now you can add them to your army to protect your leader with their lives, if necessary.

This expansion comes with four unpainted, easily assembled miniatures, ready to wreak havoc on any planet across the galaxy. And if you think that's not enough, the expansion also includes five upgrade cards that allow you to further customize your squad and give them even more tools to protect the Emperor.

The Imperial Royal Guards Expansion is the perfect addition for any Star Wars Legion player who wants to take their strategy game to the next level. This expansion adds a new level of depth and intensity to your game, as you'll need to carefully protect your leader while also keeping your squad alive.

Not only that, but the miniatures themselves are beautifully detailed and add a stunning visual element to your game. Plus, at just over 20 bucks, this expansion is a steal for the amount of gameplay it adds.

- Beautifully detailed miniatures
- Adds new depth and intensity to your game
- Affordable price point

- Miniatures are unpainted, which may be a turnoff for some players

In conclusion, if you're a diehard Star Wars Legion player or just looking to add some depth to your strategy game collection, the Imperial Royal Guards Expansion is definitely worth checking out. With its stunning miniatures and customizable upgrade cards, this expansion is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So go ahead, protect the Emperor and crush your enemies with this fantastic expansion. I give it a solid 9 out of 10.

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